Gen X Pop Culture Quiz

Sure, you lived it...but HOW did you live it?

Which of these ’80s music icons did you listen to the most back in the day?

Michael Jackson


Which was the most talked about urban legend?

If you eat Pop Rocks and drink Coke, you’ll explode.

A ghost is visible onscreen in _Three Men and a Baby._

What were your honest thoughts about New Coke?

I didn’t hate it.

I hated it.

What was your favorite Molly Ringwald/John Hughes movie?

_Sixteen Candles_

_The Breakfast Club_

_Pretty in Pink_

Which was the best place to go out for pizza?

Round Table Pizza

Pizza Hut

Who was your favorite Corey?

Corey Haim

Corey Feldman

Which exercise video did your mom have on VHS?

_Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies_

_Jane Fonda’s Workout_

Which of these classic arcade games did you drop the most quarters into?

_Donkey Kong_


Here are the top grossing movies for each year in the ’80s — which one is your favorite?

1980: _The Empire Strikes Back_

1981: _Superman II_

1982: _E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial_

1983: _Return of the Jedi_

1984: _Ghostbusters_

1985: _Back to the Future_

1986: _Top Gun_

1987: _Beverly Hills Cop 2_

1988:  _Who Framed Roger Rabbit_

1989: _Batman_

How many Cabbage Patch Kids did your family own?





Which was the biggest fad?

Hacky sack

Rubik’s Cube

Whose movie reviews did you agree with most?



Home gamers, were you a Nintendo or Sega person?

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Sega Master System

Did you ever own and wear a pair of acid washed jeans?

I mean, yes, it was a thing at the time!


Here are the top songs for each year of the ’80s — which is your favorite?

1980: “Call Me” by Blondie

1981: ‘I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll’ by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

1982: ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson

1983: ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police

1984: ‘When Doves Cry’ by Prince

1985: ‘Money for Nothing’ by Dire Straits

1986: ‘Walk This Way’ by Run-D.M.C.

1987: ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses

1988: ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman

1989: ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna

Did your parents let you have Garbage Pail Kids?



Which of these classic sitcoms was the best?


_Family Ties_

What was your favorite place to shop for toys?

KB Toys

Toys ‘R’ Us

Which of these illustrated poetry books by Shel Silverstein was your fave?

_A Light in the Attic_

_Where the Sidewalk Ends_

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